• Location Hunting
  • Government Permissions 
  • Local Casting
  • Travelling and Lodging 
  • Art & Setup work

Well-versed pre-production is always useful for the smooth execution of the project. Our prospects for location entirely depend on your script, story narration or requirements. City Authorities are quite supportive and welcoming for any sort of filming in and around the city of Ahmedabad. We have all tie-ups needed to run a shoot – Carter, Transport, Vendors, and anything or everything you need. Another add on is the local Guju film industry due to which local artists and crew members are accessible.


  • Schedule Planning 
  • Requirements & Arrangements
  • Execution of Shoot

Well-ordered Scheduling is the key plan of smooth execution. We give the best input during the planning time to have an effortless execution. Cosmic Line Production believes that there is no such work as “not possible” when it comes to requirements and arrangements of the shoot. It’s our responsibility to provide you whatever is required for the shoot. Permissions from the local authorities are our duty to take care of.


  • Junior Artists
  • Vanity Vans
  • Lights & Rigs
  • Crew and extra workers
  • Drowns, Jibs & Special Equipment’s

We will provide you with local side artists residing in Ahmedabad, you can also access artist from Gujarati theatre groups. We have the tie-ups with Mumbai based production equipment suppliers. However, there is nothing you wouldn’t get here that is available in Mumbai. Gujarati film industry has all types of crew people that are happy to work for you.