We invite you to formulate your project in the heritage city of not just India but the World, one and only, Ahmedabad.

We are in your service as a facilitator, fixer, local Line Producer, and at times savior or guardian in the city of Sabarmati. Introducing Cosmic Line Productions which deals with line production for any sort of Content and Genre – Films, Web Series, Fiction or Non-Fiction TV shows, Documentaries, Corporate films & Ad Shoot and everything else you can think of, we are a compact solution for all your production needs. Founded by industry specialists who have high production values with astute producing expertise, we aim to work with a proficient and professional approach.

The best way to understand us is by working with us.




Instead of reading the history of Ahmedabad, let’s see how this city can open the doors for filming..

The ancient architecture by the Mughals such as Mosques, step-wells and Minaars gives a cultural touch to the city. Courtesy of river Sabarmati this city has a charming River Front view, accompanying a couple of small water bodies in the city as well. The heritage look of narrow streets called Pol is the USP of Gujarat. Some of the authentic-looking bungalows and houses which have ancient touch are also here.  On the other hand, the new Ahmedabad has a modern look with corporate offices, malls, farmhouses, first-ever revolving hotels of India, IT LOOKS like – A KITE IN SKY “ Patang”  which is the Pride of Ahmedabad.